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Renovations by Brian caters to all your renovator-y needs. Whether you need to get small fixes done or turn your dumpster into a villa, we do it all. Glance through the list of our services below and get a quote for the service you need.

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Our dyed in the wool team know what changes your house needs. Be vocal about your concerns and ask your queries; our staff will solve them all for you. We believe in creating a family to make you home more livable.

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The client's satisfaction is all we need; we work to make our clients happy. Renovations by Brian is proud to say that all their clients have been pleased with their work. The vast clientele portfolio massively speaks for it.

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Brian Menear is the creative person behind the Renovations by Brian, he started as a small business and due to his conviction and dedication turned it into a multilevel renovation company.

Brian believes renovation is a creative process which knows no limits. It is the process of giving the modern touch to the outdated structures, meanwhile fixing the broken functioning. Renovations by Brian understands that everybody wants to have homes with amenities as they see in the glossy papers of magazines. One and all wish to have comfortable and fluffy beddings, sleek kitchens and high-end paintings in their home. If you also feel the urge to bring luxury to your dwellings whenever you visit a five-star hotel, then Renovations by Brian is what you are looking for because we believe in turning your dreams into a reality. Brian firmly believes in creating long term relationships with his clients to ensure they have no complaints with his services.

Your home is where your heart is

Renovations by Brian has completed countless projects and renovations in Canada. Our team's determination and focus are both exclusively locked on you, the client. Your satisfaction is what makes us tick and pushes us to do better and give your house the stunning makeover it needs. With your imagination and our experience, you can be sure that your renovated home will seize your heart. We aim to consistently deliver excellent service to every Family ensuring that the overall process is as hassle and stress-free as possible. With the affordable and pocket-friendly rates, you are in for an extremely fair deal if you choose, Renovations by Brian.

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Home Renovations
by Brian

Home renovations have become easier with us due to our pocket-friendly rates and free initial assistance. A Breath of fresh air in your house with us, You cannot trust an amateur for this job. Make sure you are handing over your asset to the professionals.

Our team

The crew is committed to establishing long term relationships with the clients based on the performance, client satisfaction, reliability and performance. We strive to become better with each passing day, and our team is continually learning through different online training sessions. The crew promise to continue to meet the client's continuously changing needs with their quality service by the professional team of architects, builders, designers, surveyors, project managers, structural engineers and contract managers.

Renovations by Brian is the one-stop solution of all your renovation needs

Book your slot today and take the assistance from our experts, your house is waiting to get a makeover.


Our creativity lies in our designs; we offer the plans that nobody in the market offers. Our USP is our antique and contemporary designs that take the breath away of the onlookers. We combine our expertise with our client's ideas and mould their dreams into reality.

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The second step of our plan is the building stage, Renovations by Brian prides in themselves for using the high quality and blue ribbon material. We realize this is the once in a lifetime investment, so we ensure your house is built with utmost care and premium quality material.

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If you want to give your dwelling an eccentric feeling and looking for some out of the box and some unique ideas, then you do not need to follow any rule just hit us up with your queries, and you will be all set.

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When you are all set to revamp your house and turn your old fashioned house in the modern home then its time you look for the relevant contractors. The contractor can make or break your house, make sure you are not falling for the ones who are only interested in sucking out the money from your pocket. Renovations by Brian do not lie in this category, our massive portfolio and our satisfied clients speak for our quality service and friendly staff. Every client matters to us, and it is our top priority to not only get the project completed but to have you enjoy the process while it is underway.

Our team is trained and have acquired relevant education, so we ensure 100% effective work on your property.

We only use high-end products to ensure they do not wear off even after the years of installation.

The final look of the project is always awe-inspiring, you will know it when you look at it, and how it was all worth it.

Your satisfaction is all we look for; we are learning daily to satisfy our customers in new and better ways.

Our whole family will be involved in making your family feel more like home in their snuggly homes.


We provide services in all Ontario. We earn repeat and word-of-mouth business the old-fashioned way: by servicing your needs, exceeding your expectations with superior craftsmanship and materials. Courteous, professionalism, and craftsmanship is our specialty.

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Customer Reviews

I had my kitchen updated to an Italian version with Renovations by Brian, and believe me, they really are the best. We had a catalog full of color and material variants to choose from, and they made it a picturesque copy. I’m very impressed and would surely recommend you to get these guys if you ever need renovation.

Hannah Fisher

I didn’t believe we would find the results they had shown us in the brochure, but they proved me wrong! I had my family home’s exterior revamped, we upgraded it to a villa look from the traditional townhouse, and I’m in awe when I look at it; they made it look just magnificent. Upgrade games are too good with Brian!

Borris Harry

They had our office flooring upgrade with them; we were changing it to a hardwood floor for a notch higher elegance. They brought us 3 quotes and helped us get the best one. Although they advised us to choose a middle ranged one, they helped us keep the cost minimal and quality optimal

Terry Jones

They had our office flooring upgrade with them; we were changing it to a hardwood floor for a notch higher elegance. They brought us 3 quotes and helped us get the best one. Although they advised us to choose a middle ranged one, they helped us keep the cost minimal and quality optimal

Terry Jones

I needed some serious advice regarding my home renovations; my wife was looking for someone who can give a modern look to our shabby old house, Renovations by Brian had been a blessing for us. They did not only give their suggestions but also wholeheartedly welcomed our recommendations too. We are delighted with the way our house turned out to be. My mother has been extremely happy since we have renovated our house. The team of Renovations by Brian, is very cooperative, listened to our queries and needs efficiently and worked just according to them. I have recommended them to my sister as well and I am sure they are going to be as happy as we are.



Renovations by Brian is the right fit to your mismatched and mucky house, and when it comes to upgrading a place, our imagination runs in all direction. We understand home improvement is all about creativity and creativity is limitless. Enhancing the living room is like improving your lifestyle. It breathes new life to the room, and the process of transformation fill you with enthusiasm. As much as an exhilarating task it is, it is equally challenging. Renovations by Brian is ready to take up this challenge for you without costing you your arms and legs and spark a new life to your house.

A little misconception is, bringing change in the house is an expensive and daunting task, and our team aims to remove this stigma. Most organizations believe the more expensive the things are, the better they look. However, we believe in making less expensive things look more alluring. We are the right fit for your house, hit us up with your questions and we will answer them for you.

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