Taxation law is complex and wide ranging. At Provident Lawyers we can advise you and your advisers in all areas of State and Federal Taxation law (including transfer duty, landholder duty, land tax, pay-roll tax, income tax, capital gains tax, goods and services tax and fringe benefit tax, to name a few). We aim to assist you to limit your tax exposure and minimise compliance risk. We can provide technical tax advice and also represent you in tax and duty litigation and dispute resolution and enforcement matters.

We can help you with our technical knowledge in taxation law by:

  • advising you on how tax and duties may apply to your proposed transaction
  • assisting and guiding you in structuring your affairs in a tax-effective way
  • helping you and your business meet tax compliance obligations
  • representing you in dealing with the Australian Taxation Office or State Revenue authorities to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our role as tax lawyers also complement services provided by other professional advisers including financial advisers, accountants and other lawyers as we can:

  • help advisors to identify pertinent tax issues for their client
  • advise their clients on complex tax matters
  • assist their clients with their tax planning
  • prepare legal documents to implement strategies

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