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Our remarkable passion, hard work, dedication and support from our partners have been the reason for our motivation, growth, and success. However, with Jiya International, our aim has grown to become biscuits, cookies and confectionery suppliers. Our confectioneries (candies, lollies, sweets), chocolates, biscuits and cookies are of highest quality and can be customized as per our buyers requirements in the local and international market.


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Our 20 years of experience in Food industry has provided us with a competitive edge over others also a handful of insights, which we have used to expand our portfolio successfully into a global market.

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Jiya international be a wholesale supplier and distributors of confectioneries, biscuits and cookies have an edge over prices. We supply in bulk quantity and offer our customers with fresh, customized products in competitive prices.

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Our core values and beliefs are focused on the respect for our customers and employees. We also believe that respecting every individual is the important factor for our development and growth. Most importantly,


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March 7, 2018